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Online of Summer Training/Internship on Software Development using Java SE


An overview of JAVA, History and Evolution, Features of JAVA Environment, The Java Architecture, JAVA Development Kit (JDK). Types of Java Program, Compilation and Execution.


Primitive Data Types and Declaration of Variable, Variables, Type Costing and Data Conversion, Non Primitive Data Type. Operators, Operator Precedence


Control Statements, Conditional (if) Statements, Adding else if, Selective (switch) Statement, Iterative (looping) Statements. Enhanced for/for- each Loop. The break and continue statement, Input in Java (Command Line and Interactive Input)


Class – An Introduction, Defining a class, creating an object, accessing of data and method of class. Constructors, Garbage Collection, The finalize () Method, A Stack Class Constructor overloading, The this, super References, Recursion, Access Modifiers, Inner Classes.


Basic of Inheritance, Supper class Variable and Sub Class Objects. Types of Inheritance. Method overriding .Dyna


Introduction to Polymorphism, Types, implementation of Method Overloading, Constructor Overloading, Method Overriding.


Array Introduction, Types , Demonstration, Implementation, Programming exercise.


The String Constructor, Special String operation (pre define methods of string class) character extraction. String searching and comparison data conversion using valueOf()Method. The StringBuffer Class, StringBuilder Class.

Introduction to java applets

What is java applet, Applet lifecycle method, Applets and Using HTML converter, Graphics class, Color class, Font Class, FontMetrices class, Multithreading in Applet.

AWT: Component and Container

Exploring java.awt package (program using each component), AWT Controls,

Layout Management and event Handling

Introduction to Web Scraping, Is Scraping Ok ?, Selecting with Beautiful Soup find(), Selecting With BeautifulSoup CSS Style Selectors , Accessing Data with Beautiful Soup, Navigating With BeautifulSoup, Scraping Programs, Quote Scraping Project : Game Logic, Refactoring, Adding CSV, Web Crawler.


Understanding threads Synchronizing the threads Programming using multithreading.

Network programming package ,Sockets , Clients – server programming ,Mapping stream to Sockets ,Building a multithreaded client server system ,Distributed object , Specifying remote interface ,Distributed java objects ,Using RMI compiler Specifying security policies Installing security managers, URL class, Displaying Data of Web Page, InetAddress class, DataGramSocket and DataGramPacket, Two Way Communication

Java DataBase Connectivity (JDBC)

Java JDBC Drivers, Steps to Connect to the Database, Connectivity with Oracle, MySql, Sqlite Driver Manager, Connection Interface, Statement Interface, ResultSet Interface, Prepared Statement Interface, Fundamentals of Database Programming, ResultSetMetaData, DatabaseMeteData, Storing Image, Retrieving Image, Storing File, Retrieving File, Stored Procedures and Functions, Transaction Management, JDBC New Features.

Internet Technology Overview

Overview of internet related concepts TCP/ IP, DNS, Overview of HTTP protocol

Java Beans

Introduction, using the BDK Demonstration Beans, saving and Restring Beans, Building an Applet from Beans, Create your Bean

Java Reflection

Reflection programming ,Concept of a “Meta” class ,Benefits of meta programming Runtime representation of classes ,Dynamic loading of classes ,Instantiating object programmatically ,Representing methods

Introduction to Netbeans

Getting Started with NetBeans, Creating a Project, Creating a Class, Compiling a Class, Running a Java Application, Running Examples Like Login and Registration. Using Components of Netbeans: Swing Container, Swing Controls, Swing Menus, Swing Windows, Swing Fillers, AWT, Beans, Java Persistence, Using Properties of Each and Every Single Component, Using Packages.

Software Development using Netbeans (Project)

Creating a Project with Custom GUI called LAF(Look and Feel), Using Internal and External API`s, Report Generation with Jasper Reports or iText Reports, Connection with DataBase via JDBC, Working with Both Database Embedded(SqLite) Or Non-Embedded(MySql), Run Java Applications from the Command Line, Debugging in NetBeans, Deployment in Netbeans, Cleaning and Building Projects, Making JAR to EXE of a Project, Making Installer of EXE as a Independent Software Running Software in any System.