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Summer Internship Module On Java/J2EE

HTML 5.0, CSS 3.0, Bootstrap
Designing of a Website

Servlet 3.0

Need of Server side Programming, Introduction to Servlets, Servlet Life Cycle, javax.servlet package, ServletConfig, ServletContext, ServletResponse, Supplying initialization parameters to Servlets, Performing database operations in Servlets, Include and forward mechanisms, Applying filters to Servlets, javax.servlet.http Package, HttpServlet Life Cycle, Http request methods GET vs POST, HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse, Dealing with Http headers & error codes, Session Tracking, purpose, Hidden form fields, Cookies, Http Session, URL rewriting, Event listeners, Web application security,

Java database connectivity (JDBC)

Fundamentals of database programming , Connection , statements , ResultSet , Metadata Data base meta data, Resultset metadata scrollable result sets ,Accessing transaction manager , Two phase commit , data sources ,Connection Pools,LIVE PROJECT

JSP 2.2

Disadvantages of Servlets, Introduction to JSP, JSP Life Cycle, Creating dynamic Web content with JSP, Scripting elements, Scriptlet, Declaration, Expression, XML syntax for JSP elements, JSP directives page, include and taglib, JSP implicit objects, JSP scopes, Include and forward mechanism, Using a Java bean in a jsp, JSP Model 1 architecture, JSP Model 2 (MVC) architecture, Custom Tag Development, Classic Tags, Simple Tags, Error Handling in a jsp, JSTL, Expression Language, XML in a JSP, LIVE PROJECT

Enterprise Java Beans

What is an EJB? , Why should you use, When should you not use , What’s new in EJB 3.0 ? , Introduction to asynchronous beans, Introduction to the java message service (JMS) API, LIVE PROJECT

Network programming

Java .net package, Sockets , Clients – server programming, Mapping stream to sockets Building a multithreaded client server system, Distributed object, Specifying remote interface Distributed java objects, Using RMI compiler, Specifying security policies Installing security managers

RMI-Remote Method Invocation

Java Distributed Technology, RMI Architecture, Dynamic / Bootstrap Clients, Object Passing in RMI, DGC, Activation, RMI -IIOP


Advantages of Hibernate compared to JDBC, Introduction, ORM (Object Relational Mapping), Hibernate Resources, Configuration file, Mapping file, Persistent class or POJO, Client application, Transient object, Persistent object, Detached object, , , , , Mapping array, Sorting collections, Programmatic transactions with JTA, Optimistic Concurrency control, Pessimistic Control. LIVE PROJECT

Spring MVC

What is Spring, How Spring fits into the Enterprise world, Spring Modules Spring 3.0 features, Introduction to Spring MVC, Handler Mapping, Controllers, Validation, Handler Interceptors, Views, Form tags


Introduction to Javascript, Data types, Declaration of Variables, Operators, Control Statements, Conditional Statements, functions, event handling, DOM (Document Object Model), JS Objects (Array, String, Math, Date), Javascript Validations.

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

Introduction to AJAX, Understanding XMLHTTPRequest Object, Working with Ajax functions, Combining HTML and AJAX, Combining PHP and AJAX.


Introduction to Jquery, Jquery Syntax, Jquery Selectors, Jquery Events, Jquery Effects, Jquery HTML, Jquery AJAX


Tomcat-Appache, Glass Fish, JBoss


Net Beans, My Eclipse